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Do you suffer from chronic neck or back pain? Are you plagued by headaches? Are your fingers and toes numb and tingly? Is your range of motion impaired in your extremities? Are your neck and back muscles tight and uncomfortable? If you can answer "yes" to any of these questions, or similar ones, you need the services of Apple Neuro and Spine. Board certified neurologist on staff.

These are common conditions that are treated in our facilities. Whether you have arthritis, joint pain, pinched nerves, or soft tissue injuries from an accident of some kind, we have the doctors on staff to help you get better, and the state of the art equipment to give you solid, good, and long lasting results.

Our doctors and staff take pride in finding the best care of personalized treatment for patients.  Everyone has their own treatment plan based on the conditions that are diagnosed and found through the physical examination, imaging, or other diagnostic testing methods.  Our goal is to put your body in the best position to heal so that you can get back to your normal daily activities.

Outstanding Auto Injury Care In Orange City Fl & Deltona

Let's say you've been in an auto accident and sustained whiplash. It's a pretty common result of minor car accidents. You can even get it in other ways. Anything that causes your neck to snap forward and back quickly can do it. 

If you are suffering from mild to severe whiplash pain and limited range of motion in your neck, you might need more than just a chiropractor. While chiropractors are often the first doctors of choice for these accidents, and they do an excellent job, every patient is unique. You may need more intensive treatment to achieve lasting relief and recovery. A neurologist can often be the one to give you what you need in these situations.

Luckily, we have both physicians, neurologists, and chiropractors on staff at Apple Neuro and Spine. Whatever your needs are from an auto accident, or any accident at all that caused whiplash or any other type of neck or back pain, we've got the people who can treat it for you.

State of the Art Diagnostic and Healing Equipment

It's not often you can go to a spine center and get everything you need all in one place. Most centers will refer you out to other places if you need more than basic treatment. At Apple Neuro and Spine, we aim to be your one stop shop for everything you need to get diagnosed, treated, and cured. That is why we have state of the art diagnostic and healing equipment on site. If you need an MRI, for example, we can provide that to you right here, without you needing to go anywhere else.

This is a real bonus for our patients, because, as you know, you don't want to go driving all over town to different treatment providers when you're already in pain. We make things easier for our patients by having everything they need all in one place.

Auto Accident?  We accept all auto insurance!  If you have been involved in an auto accident or sustained an injury, we will help you receive the care and attention you need.  Whether you have a personal injury attorney or lawyer or not, we will work with you and your benefits will be explained.  Remember, pain is usually the last symptom to surface and the first to  go away even with major musculoskeletal disorders.  Call today if you have been injured so that we can see the full extent of your injuries.  

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If you are in need of medical services to treat neck or back problems, contact us today to set up an appointment for your initial evaluation. We can be reached at:

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  • "I have benefited tremendously from the chiropractic care I received from Apple Neuro & Spine."
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