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Rehabilitation in Deland, Deltona and Orange City

One of the most important aspects of your physical health and wellness is the ability to heal after an injury or illness. If your body isn’t able to bounce back as fast as you would like consider the use of rehabilitation. By incorporating physical rehab and chiropractic care here at Apple Neuro and Spine we can help you get moving faster. Discover how our rehabilitation services can best benefit you.

Physiotherapy for Rehabilitation in Deltona, FL

In the search for the best rehabilitation in Deltona, FL we provide physiotherapy for our rehab patients. As a form of physical therapy, physiotherapy goes above the standard of regular therapy. Our physiotherapists are trained in the holistic approach. Therefore in addition to offering physical therapy for our patients at Apple Neuro and Spine, we also offer nutritional advice, corrective exercises, and health advice. This holistic method allows us to get at the base of the physical pain. We are also helping you to overcome future physical barriers associated with your injuries or illnesses. You are given the tools to make your health and wellness a priority. We encourage our patients to continue using these tools as they surpass the rehabilitation program.

Special Rehabilitation Services

As we are a chiropractic provider here at Apple Neuro and Spine in Deltona and Orange City, FL, we also incorporate chiropractic care into our rehabilitation services. Chiropractic care involves the realignment of the spine in order to alleviate back injuries and those involving internal organs and tissues. We also use massage therapy as a solution for individuals who are suffering from muscle pain or weakness. By utilizing our chiropractic services we can create a rehab program that will help your body heal from injuries and illnesses. Furthermore it is our goal to help you strengthen your body so that you aren’t as prone to pain or injury in the future. 

Visiting Your Orange City, FL rehabilitation doctor

We are excited that you are considering Apple Neuro and Spine as your leading provider of rehabilitation in Orange City, FL. Contact our office today to set up an appointment to see one of our chiropractors. We will work with your needs, lifestyle, and budget to determine the best rehabilitation program for your wellbeing. Thanks again for considering Apple Neuro and Spine for rehabilitation in Deltona, FL.