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Orange City Fl & Deltona Acupunctureacupuncture deltona & orange city

Acupuncture is one of the best ways to treat pain without the use of drugs or surgery. It is gentle, non-invasive, and painless to do. If you are in pain from a chronic condition or an accident, you should definitely explore what acupuncture has to offer. It has thousands of years of history as a proven method of relieving pain and restoring health. It also has recent scientific evidence to back up the fact that it is effective. There's a reason this healing technique has been trusted by so many throughout the millennia. Discover why for yourself by scheduling your first appointment with us at Apple Neuro and Spine in Orange City or Deltona.

What Can Acupuncture Do for You?

This wonderful method of healing releases pain-blocking chemicals into your body. These are chemicals that your body produces naturally, but the use of acupuncture needles on certain strategic points allows these chemicals to be released in greater quantities. The effect can be even better than taking an over the counter or prescription pain medication, and it has no side effects, unlike those medicines in a bottle. Your acupuncturist will determine where to place the needles based on where your pain is located, in order to produce the best results for you. If the location of the pain often changes, you may find needles being used in different places on different visits.

In addition to releasing these pain-blocking chemicals, acupuncture is also very relaxing. If you have any muscle tension that is causing or contributing to the pain you are experiencing, you will find the effects of the acupuncture treatment to be better than a massage. Your muscles will relax, and the pain will simply dissolve and float away.

What is an Acupuncture Appointment Like with Orange City or Deltona Acupuncturist?

Your first acupuncture appointment will last a little bit longer than subsequent appointments. This is because your acupuncturist will be gathering information on you on every aspect of your health. Acupuncturists are very thorough, and want to be sure you get the most out of your visit. Because acupuncture treats more than just pain, your acupuncturist will look for anything else you need that the needles can do for you. Strengthening your immune system, reducing inflammation, boosting your mood, and even improving fertility are all things acupuncture has been proven to do.

Once your acupuncturist has all the information he or she needs to best address your unique needs, you will get your first treatment. Remember, acupuncture is painless, or virtually so. Just because it uses thin needles inserted just under the skin doesn't mean you will feel them going in. This is because the acupuncture points are all between nerves, so you should feel nothing at all when they go in, or a tiny pinch at the most. After relaxing with the needles in you for a while, your acupuncturist will remove them, and you should notice a positive difference in how you feel right away.

What to Do Next: Schedule Orange City or Deltona Acupuncture

Keeping regular appointments will ensure you get long lasting benefits from this method of healing. Most people enjoy it. You may even become an acupuncture fan, too. Contact us for your initial appointment for an evaluation and first treatment at:

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