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Auto Injury

Auto Injury Treatment in Deltona, Orange City and DeLandApple Neuro & Spine encourages you to call us if you have suffered an injury from an auto accident in Deltona, Orange City and DeLand

Apple Neuro and Spine encourages you to call us if you have suffered an injury from an auto accident. The faster you receive treatment for your car accident injury, the less likely you will experience lasting effects. Car accidents leave you with injuries large and small. You may not feel symptoms of an injury until days after an accident, so it is important to visit our physicians as soon as possible to diagnose your condition and begin recovery options. Apple Neuro and Spine has all the services you need to evaluate your injuries and provide treatment. Our physicians are available to determine the extent of your auto injury and perform examinations and testing such as x-rays and MRI's. These tests are helpful if you are experiencing symptoms of whiplash such as neck pain, dizziness, fatigue and limited mobility. We also evaluate back pain to search for injuries such as bulging discs, muscle strain or vertebrae out of alignment. Our physicians complete a thorough evaluation and develop a healing plan to help you recover quickly from your injury.

Florida Car Accidents and Recovery

Our helpful doctors and staff at Apple Neuro and Spine want to eliminate your pain without medication. We provide a holistic approach and instead of masking the symptoms of your injuries with medications, our doctors aim to eliminate the cause. We encourage you to call soon after a car accident so you receive care immediately. Our first priority is to reduce swelling and lessen your pain. We may use a combination of ice, rest and acupuncture to eliminate inflammation and stimulate your body to begin the healing process. Our MD's are available to care for immediate injuries to avoid future complications.

Orange City and Deltona Auto Injury Treatment

In addition to our physicians, our chiropractors provide treatment options for auto accident injuries. Chiropractic care after car accidents in Deltona also lessens inflammation and positions your body to heal. Our chiropractors evaluate your neck and back to determine the location of your injuries, then gently adjust your vertebrae into a natural alignment. These adjustments promote blood flow to and from the injury which decreases inflammation and encourages healing. The same is true if you have pain in a joint such as your shoulder, wrist or knee. Our chiropractor adjusts your joints for optimum alignment and healing. If you are dealing with whiplash, our chiropractors lessen the tension in your neck and upper back and help prevent scar tissue from forming. If scar tissue forms, your neck range of motion is limited and pain continues. Instead, our chiropractors manipulate your neck and back frequently so your body is able to maintain a healthy position, avoid scar tissue build-up and heal faster.

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As your healing progresses, our staff helps you rehabilitate from the injury with exercises to strengthen and stretch your muscles. We provide support throughout your auto accident injury recovery and invite you to visit or call Apple Neuro and Spine today at 407-878-0918 for a convenient appointment. 

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