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Back Pain

Non-Surgical Back Pain Relief for Deltona, Orange City and Surrounding Areas

back pain relief deltona fl

Few complaints can bring your entire life to an effective halt more decisively than an agonizing case of back pain. Whether you've sustained a devastating injury or years of chronic spinal alignment problems (or just plain age) are catching up with you, you'd probably do just about anything to feel better. But before you submit to the surgeon's scalpel, give Apple Neuro & Spine a try. We're happy to provide non-surgical back pain relief for residents of Deltona, Orange City and surrounding areas.

Where Is That Back Pain Coming From?

Sometimes you know all too well why your back is hurting. A violent auto collision that jolted your spine, an unfortunate attempt at lifting a heavy box at work, a disastrous fall in your home or other such injuries can all produce acute back pain. Strained back muscles and subluxated vertebral joints can cause both pain and stiffness. If your also herniated a disc, the tear in the disc's outer casing can cause considerable nerve pain -- and if the disc's inner material pushes on the sciatic nerve, you may also experience leg pain and other sciatica symptoms.

Back pain can occur gradually due to changes in your vertebral alignment and/or spinal structures. Degenerative disc disease is often a prime factor in this process. As you age and your discs lose water content, the discs may lose height and bulge outward. This not only strains the facet joints that link the vertebrae, but it can also cause the discs to herniate. Strained facet joints may develop osteoarthritis. Other chronic back pain issues include spinal stenosis (a narrowing of the spinal cord's bony enclosure that can pinch nerve tissue) and a type of vertebral "slippage" called spondylolisthesis.

Safe, Natural Relief at Apple Neuro & Spine

Your aching back has a caring friend here at Apple Neuro & Spine. Our experienced chiropractic, neurological and medical team will ask you about your symptoms, medical history and other helpful details, while digital X-rays and other diagnostic screening methods allow us to pinpoint the origins of your pain. By treating the underlying functional problem, we naturally relieve your symptoms at the source, with no need for invasive surgery that might prove useless against your pain (or even make it worse).

Our team can prescribe multiple healing techniques in combination for maximum effectiveness in relieving your back pain and addressing its causes. For example, chiropractic adjustments can correct a spinal misalignment, thus unloading pressure from a bulging disc, relieving joint stress and nerve impingement. You may also receive massage therapy and physiotherapy to soothe injured back muscles, acupuncture to relieve pain and corrective exercises to strengthen your back against recurrences.

Getting Back to Health in Orange City and Deltona

If you're ready to bid back pain farewell and reclaim your quality of life, contact Apple Neuro & Spine for an evaluation. We can help you get back to health in Orange City and Deltona!