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MRI, X Ray & CAT Scan Imaging

X Ray, MRI and CAT Scan Imaging in Deltona, Deland & Orange City.

Neurology - MRI - ChiropracticApple Neuro & Spine offers X Ray, MRI and CAT Scan imaging to Lake Mary, Palm Coast, Deltona, Orange City & Bunnell for accurate evaluation &diagnosis

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Here at Apple Neuro & Spine we're dedicated to providing the highest possible standards of care for patients in Lake Mary, Palm Coast, Deltona, Orange City and Bunnell -- and nothing is more critical to this standard of care than prompt, detailed and accurate evaluation and diagnosis. The clearer an understanding we have of your condition, the more quickly and effectively we can prescribe safe, natural solutions. That's why we've invested in a variety of state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging equipment and techniques to help you help you get well and stay healthier.

The Importance of Diagnostic Imaging

While our experienced chiropractic and neurology team is highly practiced at the art of diagnosing a wide range of injuries and ailments, even we require a little help when it comes to viewing the inside of the body. Exterior examinations, palpation, discussion of symptoms and the study of medical histories are all tremendously important and useful in helping to narrow down the possible causes of your problem, but it's also critical for us to view the actual damage or misalignment so we can pinpoint the exact location, nature and extent of the problem -- as well as the precise types of treatment necessary to correct it.

Understanding X Ray, MRI and CAT Scan Technologies

No one type of diagnostic imaging is ideal for every situation. We use the following types of diagnostic imaging techniques:

  • X Ray - X ray imaging, or radiography, is the use of a specific bandwidth of radiation to make photographs of the inside of the body. The X rays pass through soft tissue with varying degrees of success, but they're reflect entirely by hard tissues such as bone. This gives us a clear picture of issues such as joint subluxation, vertebral or bone misalignment, fractures and dislocations such as bulging or herniated discs. Our digital X ray technology lets us use minimal radiation, creating images that can be displayed instantly on a computer screen.

  • MRI - MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging. This imaging technology features a large machine that encloses the patient's body. This allows it to direct radio waves and a powerful magnetic field into the body, producing detailed images without the radiation exposure required by X ray imaging. MRI imaging is especially useful for showing subtle differences and gradations of image between normal and abnormal tissues.

  • CAT Scan - CAT stands for computed axial tomography. This digital 360-degree imaging technique can show cross-sections of problems in bones, soft tissue or internal organs, including hard-to-view structures such as the lungs and blood vessels. It can be used to detect cancers, injuries and problems with the body structures of the body. It is not generally used on children or pregnant patients.

Our access to all three of these types of imaging technology ensures that you'll receive a precise, correct, verifiable diagnosis for effective treatment. Call 386-218-4902 to schedule an evaluation from your experienced team!

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